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This divers paradise & its beaches are an exquisite gift of nature. The sea, with its clear blue waters, offers colourful corals and rare marine life. The long chain of mountains, with their different colours, run parallel to the coastline, separated from the sea only by a plain, most of which is suitable for camping. All these elements, the work of the Creator, blend into a rare painting of magnificent winter and summer climate and enchanting natural beauty that charms the visitor into believing he is on a legendary tour of a paradise on earth.

The Red Sea

1930,00 KM long and 270,000 Km2 – is boarded by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Djibouti. Mount Sinai, 2285m, is the highest peak.
The Red Sea Governorate has recently launched a new project to boost its efforts to protect the environment and the rare coral reef off the Red Sea coast. 250 buoys have been installed in the diving locations in Hurghada, Safaga and El Quser resorts to prevent the damage caused by divers’ yachts and boats on the coral reef.
Luxurious Hotels, Resorts, villages and camps provide comfortable accommodation to visitors to the main touristic cities of the Red Sea like Hurghada, Safaga, Marsa Allam, Ain Sukhna, El Quseir, Sahl Hasheesh & El Gouna.

Sharm Al – Sheikh 

Overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba. It is both a summer and winter resort due to its moderate climate all year round. It is the Mecca of all those who seek tranquility and love the sun.


About 81 km north of Sharm Al Sheikh, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in south Sinai because of its gleaming sand, clear waters and colourful marine life. It has a tourist village, diving centres, camping sites and boats and water-skiing facilities.


About 87km from Dahab on the Aqaba Gulf, it is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, A regular daily ferry connects Nuweiba with Aqaba in Jordan.


Located on Egypt’s international borders on the Aqaba Gulf about 75km from Nuweiba, it boasts a most exquisite panorama of sea and mountains. The region is distinguished by its numerous bays, coves and lagoons.

Ras Mohamed

At the peak of Peninsula at narrowest part between the gulfs of Suez and Aqaba, lies Ras Mohamed. It is renowned for having the most exquisite coral reefs in the world and for being a refuge to rare marine life. It has recently been declared a natural preserve and most fit for diving.